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On August 7, 1949, Sathyaraju had the spiritual experience of enlightenment that completely transformed him. It was sudden and came with almost no warning. It was the beginning of a twelve-year process of intense spiritual practice, tapas.

Sathyaraju and some friends went to the irrigation canal outside the village to cool off. It was the heat of the afternoon in summer when temperatures usually exceed forty degrees Centigrade (over a hundred Fahrenheit). When the boys came out from the water, they found three palmyra fruit that had fallen to the ground from a nearby grove of the tall, coconut-like trees. The fruit were ripe and the fibrous flesh inside was full of the sweet, sticky juice used to make jaggery sugar. As Sathyaraju was the acknowledged leader, he divided the three fruit among the twelve boys.

Sathyaraju sat on the canal bank to eat his fruit, near one of the dams that served as irrigation gates. He peeled his piece of palmyra fruit and squeezed it to extract the sweet juice. It was around half past three that afternoon when for no accountable reason, his body began trembling all over. He was wondering what had happened to him when suddenly he saw a light emerge from the fruit in his hand. Almost at the same time, the sound of Om started coming from the fruit. Mesmerized, he continued to stare at the palmyra fruit. The divine light and sound engulfed him in blissful waves and stopped the trembling of his body. His mind became calm and peaceful.

As he continued to watch this strange phenomenon, he saw a Shivalinga in his hand. It was black in color and about a foot or a foot and a half in height. The Om sound continued all the while and the Shivalinga continued to emit the same dazzling light as the palmyra fruit fell from his hand. He was watching this Shivalinga intently when it broke in half and fell apart.

The Divine Guru

Standing before him was a man in the attire of a jangama devara, a sadhu (ascetic) who worships Lord Shiva, lives by begging, wears his hair matted, and smears his body with ash. This man was well over seven feet tall and had a strong, well built and beautifully proportioned body. He had dark complexion and an extremely handsome and attractive appearance, with large and beautiful eyes. His long matted hair was piled up on his head in the manner of the ancient rishi sages. He had a necklace of rudraksha beads with a small Shivalinga resting on his broad chest. He wore a white dhoti, a long cloth wrapped around the waist, again in the manner of the old rishis. A bright light came from him that blotted out all other vision. All Sathyaraju could see was this yogi surrounded by a bright radiance.

The yogi spoke to Sathyaraju in his native language of Telugu, “Sit down.”

The boy asked, “Why should I sit down?”

The yogi commanded, “Just be quiet and sit down.”

“After I sit down, then what should I do?”

“First sit, then I will let you know.” Sathyaraju sat down. Then the yogi told him to sit in padma asana — legs folded in lotus posture. The boy replied that he did not know how to sit in padma asana. The yogi had to cross the boy’s legs to make him sit in the correct position. Then the yogi told him to close his eyes.

Sathyaraju asked, “What should I do after I close my eyes?”

“First close your eyes, then I will tell you.” Sathyaraju closed his eyes and the yogi used his middle finger to touch the boy at the bhrikuti, the third eye which is the point between the eyebrows. Then the yogi gently tapped him on the head.

Immediately the boy lost outer consciousness and went into deep samadhi. He became totally unaware of his body and his surroundings. All he could see was the same black Shivalinga that had appeared earlier in his hand, surrounded by dazzling light. All he could hear was the sound of Om. His mind was completely absorbed in this vision and sound to the exclusion of everything else.

His Playmates' Reactions

While this spiritual drama was unfolding, Sathyaraju’s playmates heard and saw nothing unusual. They were eating their shares of the palmyra fruit or simply playing around. It took a little while before they noticed that Sathyaraju was sitting in a yoga posture, eyes closed. They thought he was play acting at being a holy man, so they started to tease him. When they got no response they got rougher.

Some tried to pull him out of his lotus posture, while others hit him with sticks or their fists. But Sathyaraju was in the bliss of enlightenment and totally oblivious to what was going on around him. Still getting no response, the boys smeared sticky palmyra juice and mud all over his body. When Sathyaraju failed to react even to this, they picked him up, carried him to the canal, and dunked him in the water. Sathyaraju remained totally unconscious of his playmates’ ill treatment.

It became obvious to the boys that this was no play-acting on Sathyaraju’s part. Whatever they tried, they couldn’t get him to open his eyes. At the same time they could not make out what had come over him. They thought he was dead and they became scared that they might get blamed, so they washed off the dirt they had smeared on his body, carried him out of the canal, and left him sitting on the embankment. They ran back to the village to tell people that something strange and inexplicable had happened.


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