Shiva Bala Yogi Virtual* Darshan  
   * (Virtual:  non physical, but being such in essence or in having the power or practical effect)

Shivabalayogi: FORMS OF GOD

What does it mean when Swamiji blesses an object?

“The object in turn blesses you. Astral bodies work in them.”

Could Swamiji explain the significance of installing a Shiva linga, such as the one he installed in Italy?

“What is the meaning behind your being born? What does that mean?”

“The installation of a linga is to bring Lord Shiva into a form so that people will come into the devotional line. Their tension will be reduced. People also will start doing tapas and other spiritual practices. It is Swamiji’s duty to install lingas. By installing a linga, millions of people will become devotees. Many people will do tapas and become yogis because of the installation of that one linga. Shankara Bhagavan is in that symbol. This is what happens from installing it.”

What do we need to do to install an idol? Do we need to find a special place for it?

“You could even install it in your house, but you have to do puja [offer worship] to it every day.”

Q          What would happen if we did not do puja to it every day?

“You have to at least pray. If you do not do puja, at least you have to pray. No trouble.”

Q          What is the advantage of having an idol in your house?

“If you stay in your house, what happens? You take care of your house. You have many different spiritual things with you in your house. You have prayer beads and different things like that. Do you have any experiences with those? If you have an idol you will have a lot of peace of mind and peace in your house and peace in all of your duties every day.”

Q          Is there a special form of puja we have to do to a Shiva linga, or can we make up our own?

“It does not matter what you chant in front of it. It is not necessary to do any specific form of puja. Puja could be burning incense, doing arthi, decorating with flowers and washing it every day. People who are interested in that will do it. You can just pray to it and that would be fine.” 


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