Shiva Bala Yogi Virtual* Darshan  
   * (Virtual:  non physical, but being such in essence or in having the power or practical effect)

Shivabalayogi: GURU & DEVOTEE

Swamiji has a teacher and guru who speaks to him and guides him. Is it also important for us to have a guide and teacher?

“Yes, it is necessary to have a guide and guru like Swamiji has.”

How does the relationship between a guru and disciple work?

“The disciple has to follow the instructions of the guru. At the same time, the guru also should behave according to the desire of the disciple. Only then they both can go together. They can both be peaceful and happy.”

Swamiji's Guru

Can you tell us about your guru?

“Whenever Swamiji wishes to see his guru, he appears in front of Swamiji. Swami does service for the people only with the direction of his guru.”

Is your guru always in a physical form, or does he only take a physical form when he wishes?

“The way Lord Shiva appeared the very first time, that is the same physical form in which he appears to give Swamiji direction. Swamiji keeps following the directions given by his guru. He follows the directions very exactly. If his guru tells him not to go to a certain place, he does not go there. He goes somewhere only at the direction of his guru. His guru made him do tapas for doing service to the public, so he follows whatever directions his guru gives.”

Does Shiva have a physical form with flesh and blood?

“The astral body has all those things. Lord Shiva comes just like a man. Even when Christ appears to somebody he appears in a fully physical form like a human being. That is the power of the astral body.”

Finding the Guru

How does one recognize a true guru?

“If you meditate well you will come to know. If you do sadhana [spiritual practice] you yourself will come to know what is the truth.”

“When the time comes your guru will come to you. Even if you ask, the guru will not come earlier. Swamiji’s time came in his fourteenth year. His guru came to him and he started meditation. Your guru will come to you at the proper time.”

Do we have to look for a guru, or should we let the guru find ourselves?

“You will have to go for the guru and find him. The guru won’t try to find you. Automatically you will get the guru.”

What should we do while waiting for the moment when the guru appears?

“Until then, practice meditation.”

Soul Connection

Isn’t the guru-disciple relationship a very special one and not everybody is a disciple just because they need a guru? Is that true?

“Whenever Swamiji takes birth all his devotees and disciples take birth. This goes on for ever and ever and ever. Some devotees or some disciples come late and some come a little bit earlier.”

What is the purpose of the continuing cycles of guru and devotees incarnating together?

“That is the relationship between guru and disciple. It is called atma [soul] relationship. Just like you or your husband or your children, you all are children to Swamiji. You have to be a part of the family always. It is called the atma relationship.”

Do we need to be initiated each lifetime?

“Once in your lifetime Swamiji initiates you.”

How do we know when we have been accepted as a disciple as opposed to just being a devotee?

“When you get hungry, do you eat food? How do you know you got hungry?”

It is an inner feeling.

“That is how you will know. Initially you may not know why you feel a relationship. Even Swamiji did not know when he sat in tapas what it was. He was forcefully made to sit by Shiva. He did not recognize Shiva even though he was his guru. The devotees may not know who their guru is. They just pass by and they have some feelings and they just come. There are many millions of such people in America and in other countries. Many, many people and many, many children will become Swamiji’s devotees.”

Is Swamiji both a yogi and a guru? Does he relate to his devotees as a guru as well as a yogi?

“Yes, there is a guru-disciple relationship between Swamiji and devotees. However, Swamiji is not going to start a formal mission, ashram or organization. Instead, the devotees can remain in their own spiritual paths and work. He only asks them to do an hour of meditation a day. They can remain in their current activities and they can do meditation.”

External & Internal Guru

Swamiji, can you speak on the importance of an external guru versus the internal guru?

“The outside guru guides and shows you the path. The internal guru gives you visions. It is the guru inside who appears to you and gives you darshan.”

Is the internal guru the same as the external guru?

“No. The outside guru is a yogi. The inner guru is God, Shankara Bhagavan.”

The Guru's Presence

“Darshan” means seeing the guru, not just being in the presence of the guru but actually seeing the guru?

“The guru comes to you in his astral body and he talks to you.”

When you are in India and we are over here on the other side of the world, is your darshan with us? Do you actually live inside us?

“Swamiji’s astral bodies are flying just like an airplane flies from India to America. He flies from there to your heart. Whenever you pray for Swamiji, he will come and be in front of you and hold you in his arms.”

Do you always come whenever we call your name?

“Swamiji is always traveling. He has millions of devotees and he has to be with everyone. He will be going around and around. Whenever you ask for him, he will be with you. If you ask for his darshan he will come to you. Otherwise, he will just be going by to another devotee. Whoever calls Om, suddenly he will go there. If ten people call, Swamiji will go in ten astral bodies.”

What is the difference between Swamiji coming to us in an astral body when we sleep and a mere dream?

“You will know the difference when Swamiji comes and talks to you.”

If we want help from the guru, do we have to ask?

“It is not necessary for the guru to be with you. If you just go and ask a picture of Swamiji, that is sufficient. Swamiji will come in the astral body and help you.” 


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