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Shivabalayogi: RELIGIONS

People of different religions assert their founders to be the ultimate guru, like Jesus Christ. Was he or the Buddha truly a unique being or was each just another spiritual person?

“Yes, there is something unique. Christ and Buddha are yogis.”

Are they unique from other yogis, like you?

“Swamiji is not a holy man. He is a yogi.”


Does Swamiji talk about yoga in the context of Hinduism?

“The word ‘Hindu’ was coined only a thousand years ago. Before that no such word existed. Then only the Indian culture existed. This culture is what Swamiji is teaching. Hinduism is a religion. It is not a culture. Religious leaders started religions. Before that no religions existed. Even the people of the West were of the Indian culture. Gradually they were distracted by the religious leaders. Now they are again interested in the Indian culture.”

“Yogis do not talk about religion. No yogi has ever talked about religion. Yogis bring people from all lines together and teach them how to practice. They are practical. Religions are started by spiritual leaders.”

“What you are now calling the Hindu religion, the essence of that is the culture of the rishis [the ancient sages].”

Spirituality & Politics

What do spirituality and politics have in common?

“Spirituality and politics should not be mixed. It is bad for both. Spirituality mixed with politics is religion. Each one claims that his religion is better that the other’s. Swamiji does not engage in politics.”


 Is the pope considered a guru?

“He is a spiritual leader. Christ was a yogi and the pope is a spiritual leader.”

Christianity teaches that it is the only true path. I wonder what Swamiji says about that.

“Not just Christianity, every religion says it is the only path to God. Yogis do not say that. Christ himself did not say that.”


Can you name some real gurus of the world?

“Buddha. Christ. Adishankaracharya [the first Shankaracharya]. Mohammed. And there are a lot of maharishis in our Indian culture. All these are examples of real gurus.”

And today?

“For the present, it is the atom bombs which are the gurus. Whether it is in India, or elsewhere in the other countries, you only have the atom bombs. You don’t have anything else. There is no real guru.” 


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