Shiva Bala Yogi Virtual* Darshan  
   * (Virtual:  non physical, but being such in essence or in having the power or practical effect)



 If Swamiji and his devotees have had many past lifetimes together, and if Swamiji can travel anywhere with astral bodies, why is it necessary for Swamiji to travel in the physical body for initiation?

“Why were you born through your mother’s womb?”

Swamiji teaches a very simple meditation. Does Swamiji teach a more complex form of meditation in India?

“Whether he is anywhere in India or in any other country, Swamiji teaches the same kind of meditation. Swamiji teaches the people exactly the same meditation as he learned from his guru.”

Once we have been initiated, can we have Swamiji’s darshan any time by using the vibhuti and meditating?

“Yes, and you can see the guru in an astral body.”

After Swamiji leaves, what can people do who are not initiated but are interested in the meditation that Swamiji teaches. Can they meditate with the same benefit without the initiation?

“They have to be initiated. If you can have a center where you can meditate once a week, then you can ask new people to that weekly program. It has to be done only at the weekly programs. Otherwise, you will start selling tickets. Swamiji can bless vibhuti to be used for initiation and give it to a person who has initiated people in Swamiji’s presence. Swamiji gives power to people to initiate.”

How does that work if Swamiji is not present for the initiation? Does one of Swamiji’s astral bodies come to initiate?

(Makes a motion of hitting.) “While Swamiji is going he will hit you like this and that is what will work. He gives the powers and then he goes. The astral body does its work as usual.”

By coming to Swamiji for initiation, am I doing anything against my guru?

“Your guru does not become low by your coming here. If your guru feels jealous then the guru is not advanced, but Swamiji is not bothered. You have to continue with the guru you have accepted. This dhyana only strengthens that which you are practicing.”

Different Techniques

If one already has a guru, can one practice others’ techniques of meditation?

“Swamiji’s method only strengthens faith in one’s guru.”

Is it possible to progress spiritually by going from teacher to teacher? Some people say that you have to pick one guru and stay with it.

“You can go to as many teachers as you like. There is nothing wrong with going to many different teachers. If they have any power you can go and take the power they have to offer. But you should not get involved in politics. You can go to as many teachers as you like, take the knowledge and power from them, but do not get involved in any politics.”

“You could go to a hundred teachers and if you do not meditate you will not get God realization.”

What do you do when different teachers have different techniques?

“It is good to go to other teachers and see what and how they teach. It is good to learn all they teach. If you go and close your eyes you will come to know what kind of a person the teacher is. Then you will understand by yourself. That is what is called mind control.”

Swamiji, how about other methods of meditation? Are they equal?

“This is something you should understand for yourself. Eventually everybody has to come to the technique that Swamiji is teaching. Swamiji understands all of the different systems and techniques of meditation. But whatever other techniques people use, eventually they have to come to this technique.”


During the program Swamiji blessed some ash. What is it for?

“That ash is called vibhuti. Swamiji blesses the vibhuti and applies some between the eyebrows of an assistant. The assistant takes the vibhuti and applies it to the people’s foreheads, in between the eyebrows. In that way, Swamiji gives his power to the people through the vibhuti and the assistant. Swamiji is here to give you the power. The people can then do meditation.”

“Swamiji also blesses vibhuti and gives it to you to cure your health. At that time you will receive instructions on how to use the vibhuti. You should use it as instructed. Swamiji blesses vibhuti and gives it to you to cure your mental and physical illnesses. If you use it you will be cured of all diseases. Your blood pressure and your tension will come down if you use the vibhuti as instructed.”

What does the ash given at the time of initiation contain?

“It contains the power to transmit power to meditate.”

How does energy get transmitted through the vibhuti to our third eye? Is there something Swamiji can say about why it works?

“The power goes through the vibhuti. Swamiji will let you know. The atom bomb is very small, yet it can cause great devastation.”

Is the vibhuti necessary to do the meditation, even after you have been initiated?

“The vibhuti that has been given to you has been blessed by Swamiji. If you apply that vibhuti on your forehead, that is sufficient. That helps you control your mind and do good meditation. It helps you concentrate.” 


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