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Shivabalayogi: HIS WORDS


Swamiji frequently engaged in conversation with devotees. These conversations offer a fascinating glimpse into Swamiji and his mission on this earth, but there were no such conversations at Shivabalayogi’s programs. He gave no discourses or public talks. Devotees’ conversations with him had nothing to do with his program for our spiritual development. They arose from our intellectual curiosity.

Swamiji’s words are valuable, but their study will not result in anything other than intellectualization. Their value is to encourage us in the path of spirituality and to engage in the practice of meditation. It is not possible to know God through mere words. One must meditate and still the mind.

The limited value of studying words is brought out in the following incident that took place in Santa Fe in the United States during a program in 1991. People were going up to Swamiji for individual blessings. Towards the end of the line, a man went up and was talking with Swamiji and his interpreter. Soon their voices became loud and animated to the point where people in the hall became quiet to listen to what was being discussed. Apparently, the man wanted Swamiji’s validation of his teacher and his study of vedanta, India’s metaphysical philosophy that has its roots in the Upanishads, the ancient Vedic books on philosophy.

Swamiji was not impressed by his study of vedanta or the teacher. Swamiji said that vedanta was only knowledge from reading scriptures. “People study the scriptures, become pundits, and then they charge a fee to anyone who wants to learn from them. Such people cannot do meditation. They are only spiritual leaders. They have not seen God. They have not experienced God.” Swamiji told the man that a true guru removes all bad thoughts from one’s mind. “You must meditate. You could read all the books about Swamiji, all the questions and answers from Swamiji’s darshan, study them, and know all about what Swamiji has said but you would only become a pundit. You will not get enlightened.”

Somewhat quiet after Swamiji’s loud words, and perhaps a little self-conscious at so many in the hall looking at him, the man appeared a little relieved at being able to turn around and take leave. As the man started to walk away, Swamiji made a parting comment: “Whatever we have talked about now, that is called vedanta.”

Shri Swamiji sends you his blessings.


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