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Shivabalayogi: HIS MISSION

Shivabalayogi gave no discourse and he preached no doctrine. His only verbal teaching is that people should meditate for an hour each day. Everything else we need to know we will learn through our own meditation.

Shivabalayogi continues his work of spiritual guidance in silence. He gave darshan, the spiritual energy which radiates. When people ask for his help, he gives them specially blessed ash (vibhuti). He enjoys distributing blessed food (prashad), a form of blessing which he always considered very important. During bhajans, he gives spiritual trance and bhava which typically manifests as a peaceful exhilaration, but in some cases he completely immerses a person's ordinary consciousness in a divine bliss. Most importantly, he freely gives to all who want initiation into dhyana meditation.

Shri Swamiji's yoga meditation programs consist of initiation into dhyana, meditation practice of about 45 to 60 minutes, then about an hour of bhajans during which he gives darshan in samadhi.

Shivabalayogi serves all people without regard to origin, background, religion, or beliefs. His blessings and initiation are given without obligation. It is up to each individual whether they adopt him as guru, teacher or friend. His blessings serve to deepen whatever spiritual path or commitment we wish to pursue.

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What is Swami’s teaching?

“Dhyana. Vibhuti. Bhajans. Bhava samadhi.” (Meditation. Blessed ash. Spiritual song. Spiritual trance.)

When one is in Swamiji’s presence there is meditation, singing and music, and questions and answers, is that correct?

“Yes. There is meditation and there are bhajans. People do come and ask Swamiji about their health. They ask for healing. Then you have bhava samadhi. All these are in the programs. Anybody can come and see that. The same programs are held all over the world.”

“The same things happened during the time of Christ. Christ started teaching this type of meditation. He also employed astral bodies to induce bhava samadhi during bhajans.”

What is Swami’s message to the world?

“People should reduce their tensions and do their work well. This is his blessings to the world.”

From reading Tapas Shakti (the book on Swamiji published in 1992), I get the impression Swamiji seems to be interested in the West. Does he have clear and precise plans for the next few years in the West, like coming in the West?

“It’s not a question of spreading his message. His interest is to train people in the line of spirituality, in the line of meditation. His intention is to reduce the tension of the people.”


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