Shiva Bala Yogi Virtual* Darshan  
   * (Virtual:  non physical, but being such in essence or in having the power or practical effect)


What does Swamiji have to offer Americans that they don’t already have?

“Americans have a lot of tension. They do not have sadhana [spiritual practice]. That is why Swamiji has come here to teach sadhana and reduce tensions.”

Why is Swamiji doing this for us? Why is he helping us so much?

“He has come here to reduce the tension and to give you peace. You have atom bombs with you. You need protection from them. That is why Swamiji is here.”

“You people have supported the men who made the bombs. You have voted for the government that prepared these atomic bombs. Now there is a danger to you, so what are you going to do about it? Every country has its own bombs, so where are you going to go now? On which country are you going to drop these bombs?”

“In this country there are also lots of poisons. If some of these poisons leak, how many people will be affected? Many people would be affected. Let us say there is an earthquake, some sort of an accident, or somebody drops a bomb here. What will happen? All the poisons will escape and spread over the entire country. Just by considering this one risk you can understand how many problems you will have in this country. This is why your tension is increasing more and more. Who will have brought that calamity upon you?”

We have.

“Tension. You people have brought this dangerous situation upon yourselves because of tension. You want to control other countries.”

What is special about the next ten years for the world? Is there any important effort going on?

“Yes, to control the mind and give it peace both internally and externally.”

Why is it so important for us to raise our consciousness in this period of time?

“In the history of life these situations keep happening from time to time. This is not the first time people have made atomic bombs. This happened many thousands of years ago and many millions of years ago. If you study history you will come to understand. If you read the Yoga Vasishta you will come to know about that.”

“The atomic bomb is not new to the world. It is actually very old. The same types of bombs were utilized in the time of the Mahabharata. The weapon [astra] called Pashupathasthra of Arjuna was similar to the atom bomb. At that time the power of the mantra used to do the work. Now it is the power of the machine [yantra] that is doing it. In the past those people who could bring the weapon into action also knew how to dissolve its effect, but you do not know how to take back and nullify its effect. That is the difference between them and you. You can explode the bomb but you do not know how to take back its effects.”


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