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Shivabalayogi: BHAVA SAMADHI (Spiritual Trance)

What is bhava samadhi?

“If you read the Tapas Shakti book, you will understand what is bhava samadhi. Instead you can also come here on Sunday. Then you can see people in bhava samadhi and you will understand what it is.”

Samadhi and bhava, are they the same or different?

“Samadhi is through tapas and bhava is the presence of somebody through the astral body. Bhava is the beginning for samadhi and tapas.”

Can Swamiji tell us some principles of trance and its practice?

“Higher souls induce it. Trance helps in physical, mental, and spiritual progress.”

Because a part of our consciousness is not pure, can undesirable souls take over?

“No. Such influences are thrown out and flee in a trance situation. One should not try to control the trance. There is no need to control it.”

How is it determined who gets the trance?

“It is automatic. There is no control by Swami.”

Some people do not get bhava and some do. Why is that?

“If bhajans are sung properly, bhava will come.”

Is it possible for a guru to come and teach in trance?

“Yes. You have seen Swami give trances. One who gets these trances can control others’ trances.”

How can one recognize a state of trance?

“It is a question of how much energy passes through the body. Strong energy currents imply that one cannot be conscious of being in trance. Otherwise, one can be conscious of the trance. Visions also come.”

“You can tell the difference between people who are in trance and those who are not. You can easily see a glow and brightness in the faces of those who are really in bhava samadhi. . Those who are just acting, their faces become dark. If you just look at the person you will come to know whether it is true trance or whether it is a show.”

When Swamiji is not physically present, does he send his astral body to our bhajans?

“During the bhajans when you get astral bodies and bhava, Swamiji has astral bodies in them. Swamiji will be in front of you. It is Swamiji’s astral body that gives you the energy when you are doing the bhajans.”

What’s the difference between Swamiji and the Swamiji who speaks to us in trance, blesses us, gives us vibhuti and prashad, and answers our questions? Sometimes the Swamiji in trance tells us to ask Swamiji himself.

“Bhava samadhi. The ancient rishis and avatars keep visiting and they appear to these people in trance. We have a relation with their astral body [sukshma sharira].”


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