Shiva Bala Yogi Virtual* Darshan  
   * (Virtual:  non physical, but being such in essence or in having the power or practical effect)

Shivabalayogi: GOD

Could Swamiji describe God for us?

“Yes. If you meditate you will come to know how he is.”

How long would I have to meditate?

“It could be in a second or it could be twelve years.”

Is there such a thing as Goddess realization?

“Yes. God came from the Goddess Adishakti, the First or Primordial Energy. Adishakti was in the form of a female. The three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara were born from Adishakti.”

“First the sound Om was born. From that was born the light. From the light was born the Goddess Adishakti. From her the gods were born who then created the universe. The gods created all these worlds, the space, everything.”

God without Form

How does Swami define Shiva in relation to Shakti?

“When you meditate you come to realize what Shakti is. There is a primeval energy, the primeval Shakti that is worshipped. That is God and you will come to realize that in your meditations.”

What is Shiva in relation to Shakti?

“Shiva is a yogi. Shiva is a muni. Shiva is God. God is Shakti. Lord Shiva and the primeval energy, what you call Shakti, that is also God.”

Why is the formless to be preferred over the form?

“If you worship the formless, you get a lot of power and at the same time you can gain control over your mind. But if you worship the form, then you can get a lot of devotion, but you may not get control over your mind. By worshipping the formless, just by meditating for an hour, that will be enough to be in control over the mind.”

“If you just pray to the form continuously for twenty-four hours, your mind will not come under control. You may get devotion, but your mind may not get under control. The worship of formless is best to get control over the mind. You understand?”

Many Gods

Swamiji, why do people in India worship so many gods and we have so few gods in the Western tradition?

“In the past, there were many people here and many gods. You people drove them away. You people have changed a lot. India and America were one and the same. America had the same Sanskrit culture but slowly you changed. Kings brought about change, unlike in India where people did not change even though their kings changed. In India the people maintained their own traditions separately from their rulers. If people wanted to meditate, they meditated.”

Will people in the United States, if they want to worship God, will they have to all become Hindus?

“Right from the beginning Swamiji has been telling you that you don’t have to leave your path. You can be in your own spiritual path. Swamiji told you that he will only help to guide you. He will never ask you to come out of your religion or path.”

“Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are in the path of Christ. They are in the path of Shivabalayogi. They are there in the path of every other rishi and maharishi. They being the source of everything, of all these lines, people have to worship them. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara do not belong to any particular religion.”

Shiva looks very Indian. Would Shiva appear differently if one came from a different tradition?

“Yes. India and America are the same for God. How do you see Swamiji? Do you see him as an Indian or as an American? In the same way, people in different countries draw pictures as they wish and according to their imagination.”

“Shiva is not a Hindu. He is for all the worlds but in each world they picture him according to their imagination. It depends upon their moods or emotions.”

“Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara are the gods for all the worlds in the universe.” 


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