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Ashrams & Centers 

Contact Information for Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj’s
Ashrams, Trusts and Centers


For additional contacts in the US and abroad please visit


Adivarapupeta. Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram Trust, Adivarapupeta, Draksharama, Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari Dist., Andhra Pradesh -533 262 India. Tel: +91-8857-252412. Bhajans every night, especially on Friday nights which is the main night. This is the "Mother Ashram" where Shri Swamiji is present in the Samadhi where His holy physical body lies interred, in the Shivalingam and Goddess Devi consecrated in the place where He sat in tapas for almost ten years, and in spiritual trance and bhava and darshan through bhava samadhi. The loving blessings for one's meditation are powerful. For more information and assistance, contact Mr. K. Gopanna, trustee, at Kommireddi House & Street, Kakinada 533 001, Andhra Pradesh, India, telephone +91-884-2378303  See Also: HIS HOME  &  ADIVARAPUPETA PAGES 

Doddaballapur, Karnataka, India. This is the first ashram established after Adivarapupeta and has a long history and exciting bhajans. Doddaballapur is a short distance (40 Kms) north of Bangalore. Bhajans are conducted every Sunday evening from 6.30 to 8.00 PM. The ashram is opposite the rural police station near the Milk Dairy. Contact Sri P. M. Ramachandrappa, ashram secretary, at 2589 Chickapet, Doddaballapur - 561 203. 

Bangalore. Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust, 1/A, Phase 3, J. P. Nagar, Bangalore - 560 078 India. Tel. +91-80-2658 6243 This ashram is Shri Swamiji's International Centre for Indian Culture. Bhajans every night but Sunday night is the main night when one can experience the blessings through the bhajans and witness Shri Swamiji's and the gods' play and astral presence through bhava. There is a mass feeding every Sunday after the bhajans which run between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. The Trust maintains an office at the ashram.  See Also: BANAGALORE ASHRAM TEMPLE

Bangalore - Langford Town Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust, No.2, Olleff Road, Bangalore - 560 025, INDIA. Tel: +91-80-2222 5142, or Jagadish’s  Mobile: +91-98454 76525 Programs on Saturdays begin in the evening at 5.00 PM with meditation and are followed by bhajans from 6.00 to 8.00 PM and mass feeding at 8.00 PM.

Dehradun. Shri Shiva Bala Yogi Maharaj Trust, Kailash Kumari Devi Bhawan, International Center for Indian Culture, 180-C Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 248 009, Uttaranchal, India. Tel.  +91-135-273 4214  There is a manager on site. Dehradun is a center for traveling and trekking in the Himalayas and the ashrams of many other great souls are located in and about Dehradun. Visitors should make a point to visit this beautiful and peaceful setting for meditation.

Sambhar Lake, India. Sri Shivabalayogi Satsang Mandir (opposite Labour Society), Sambhar Lake, Rajastan 303 604 India. Telephone contact: G. R. Lamba, res 4207. The ashram is managed by Sri Krishan Lal Ghai and his wife and is located in a small community on the edge of the Rajasthan desert. This ashram has a well deserved reputation for its devotees' love for Shri Swamiji and other devotees. Weekly programs every Friday evening.

Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. This beautifully built out ashram is located south of the city just off the Bangalore Highway. There is a temple which has the first consecrated statue of Shri Swamiji which was installed in October of 1982. Contact C. Mallikarjuna, ashram treasurer, [djk1] Tel. +91-8554-272456

Hyderabad, Moved to Shri Dharmapuri (via) Deeptishri Nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad – 500 050. Contact: Balakrishna, Mob: 9866181618. 

Muddireddipalli, (Hindupur) India. Located a few (about 3) hours by bus north from Bangalore, this ashram has weekly bhajan programs every Saturday evening. The ashram is located in the southwest of the Muddireddipalli in the Shivabalayogi Nagar neighborhood. Visitors should contact Sri Muniappa Tel: +91-8556-272456 or Sri Timayya, both of whom live a few hundred yards from the ashram and will provide invaluable assistance.  Muniyappa +91-8556-224163

Guntur, India. Shri Swamiji used to stay in Guntur during his frequent travels between Hyderabad and Adivarapupeta. The ashram is located opposite the Satyanarayana Swamy Temple at B1-46 in Ravindra Nagar, Guntur, and Miss Yashoda is the on-site manager. For information, contact the ashram secretary, Mr. Ganapaty, at tel. 231596 (office) or 231939 (res.), or the ashram president, Dr. P. N. Murthy, 86B Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad 500 038. Tel. res +91-(040) 274805 & 274765 or office +91-(040) 231246.

Ratnagiri (Rolla, A.P), India. Shri Swamijis ashram is located five hours by road northeast from Bangalore, just inside Andhra Pradesh at Shri Shivabalayogi Nagar, Rolla Mandalam, Anantapur District, A.P. 515 321. The setting is idyllic and peaceful, there are regular bhajans, and the hospitality genuine and enthusiastic. The founder and onsite manager is Sri. R. Thippanna who can be reached by telephone through V. M. Pandu Rangappa, ashram committee working president, (08493) 89118.

Nedigallu, Tamilnadu, India: This ashram has been established by the International trust in 2003. It is in Nedigallu village adjacent to the road from Thiruthanni to Pallipattu, about 3 KMs from Poddaturpet (towards Thiruthanni). For more details please contact Dasari Jagadish Kumar at or +91(country code) - 9845476525 (Mobile/Cell/Hand Phone) or +91(country code) -80 (city code) 4115 0642 and 2222 5142

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Hamburg - Contact Monika & D. S. Singh-Sesodia, Barca Strasse, 14, 22087 Hamburg.



For program information contact Mela:
For initiation contact Marina:

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Tucson - Arunachalananda Seva Center.  Please contact Matt or Sevananda at

Sierra Vista- Jay Mazo 520-515-9654

Prescott - Contact Ken Rose at 928-771-2408

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Los Angeles - Erika Holderith 213-344-0032

Laguna Beach - Steve Sadleir 714-491-3356
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Boulder - Sadananda 303-786-7437
Richard W. Lazzara, 1840 Violet Avenue, Boulder, Colorado, 80304. USA
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Fairfield - Sally Moburg 805-895-1221
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Baltimore  - Ryan 410-566-6746
Rockport - Dr. Mysore Nagaraj 301-977-2347
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Meditation and initiation, please telephone Ken and Vivien Purmort at 507-334-3904 or email

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New York City Area

Kavitta Khanna 914-941-3659
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North Carolina

Durham  - Marty 919-929-7735

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Portland - Call Steve Scheer (503) 285-6756.
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Jane Germaine Gray,
108 Yogaville Way,
Buckingham, VA 23921.
phone 434-969-2900.
Roanoke, Christine Visscher,, 540-884-3456, Weekly, Sundays at  5PM at  833 Woods End Lane
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Washington State

Seattle - Every Sunday at 5 p.m., Shivabalayogi Center for Meditation, 419 Queen Anne Ave. N. Please contact
E-mail: Tom Palotas or click SEATTLE

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Perth, Western Australia

Shivabalayogi Dhyana Meditation (Australia) Inc.
Weekly Programs are held every Thursday 7.30 pm at
Wollaston College, 1 Wollaston Rd., Mt. Claremont.

Enquiries: Doris (08) 9447 2126,
Rua or Peter (08) 9431 7508

 Programs consist of group meditation, bhajans. No charge. All welcome

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contact Chandra Das at

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Sri Shenbagavalli Ashram
Pathma Devi, 03-958-1975,
Sundays, 6:30pm, 11A Jalan Balais Polis, Batu 7-1/2, Sungei Besi

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Dhyana Meditation Free classes every Tuesday evening 5:30p, Ubud.  Learn the meditation technique of the great Self-realized yogi Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, followed by bhajans (devotional singing), prashad (blessed food) and discussion.  This meditation will deepen whatever spiritual path you follow.  Free All-Day Meditation Retreat, first Sunday of every month.  For more information call: 0361-976402.  In Denpasar: 081-239-23333; in Singaraja: 081-239-18572; or email:

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