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shiva bala yogi - shivabalayogiSingapore 

On the 10th of June Jagadish and Suman arrived in Singapore . That evening , about 30 devotees of different races and  faith    had come to the centre to Meditate and sing Bhajans. The hearty singing and rhythmic beating of the dolak by Suman brought the  regular Friday  Swamiji's Programme to great heights. The visions and experiences of those here confirmed Swamiji's Presence.
The next day, Jagadish whipped up a sumptuous dish of semolina(rava) for the twenty devotees who in a bus and two cars set off to Malaysia  to join in the festivities over in Southern Malaysia in Kota Tingghi.There Mike, a recent devotee was inaugrating a new Meditation centre in the name of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.The devotees who had come along felt a strong Presence of Swamiji there!  After the scattering of Swamiji's vibhuthi over the large hall , soil from Swamiji's Samadhi was also handed over to Mike to be placed at the centre.
Later that evening there was a Programme  arranged at the Divine Mother's temple a short distance away.There were around 500 devotees there .Again , Swamiji's Presence was very strongly felt with a few going into  trance .An example of the experience: one of the hosts of the later Kuala Lumpur Programme felt a tremendous surge of white light while meditating.She also heard a voice exhorting her not to fear! Incredible bhajan singing followed after that.
The next day was the Homa(fire puja) and following that Swamiji's Diksha was given to another 350 new devotees of Swamiji.The Bhajans again were surreal. A Chinese  devotee who was meditating saw Swamiji appear out of His picture smiling His approval!
Soon after , Swamiji's Mission went up to K.L.There the hosts made Jagadish carry Swamiji literally in the form of His large Framed  picture to the new centre they have established.There the hosts conducted pada-puja for the Guru while the 108 names of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj were recited.That evening a full Programme was conducted with Meditation , Bhajans and a full vegetarian meal!
 Many experiences were felt during this short tour of Singapore and Malaysia that was conducted with the help of Jagadish and Suman.The miraculous happenings and uncanny experiences that were felt by many have attested to the Presence of the Living Yogi. It is abundantly clear that Swamiji conducts His own Programmes  with the help of only  self-effacing disciples as these, necessary!
Swamiji's Blessings as always!
warmest regards,




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