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Know the Truth Through Meditation

His Message: Meditation

Shiva Bala Yogi - Dhyana Meditation Yoga TechniqueAlthough Shri Swamiji never preached doctrine or gave lectures, he enjoyed talking with devotees and answering their questions, and many such conversations with Shri Swamiji have been recorded. When devotees pressed him on his philosophy, he often suggested The Yoga Vasishta, the ancient text which preserves the instructions of the yogi Vasishta to the young prince Rama, the great incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu. Through Vasishta's own Self realization and the power of his discourses over several days, Lord Rama attained Self realization. Swamiji's own philosophy, he explains, is the same as that in The Yoga Vasishta.

"Meditation is to control your own mind. Through meditation you can get peace of mind. Whatever you do in life is done better. Meditation reduces the tension in you. The practice of meditation makes it easier for you to understand the people with whom you interact. It makes you more aware of your surroundings and it will even give you the power to change circumstances. With progress, meditation helps you attain God realization.

"You need experiences and that is what Swamiji gives. I will teach you. It is my duty to help you in meditation. Swamiji is here to change people. First they come and have darshan and look at Swamiji. That is how it starts. Then Swamiji teaches them meditation and makes them meditate. Their doubts will be cleared and later on they will tend to become like Swamiji.

"Swamiji has come to teach spiritual practice, reduce tensions and give you peace. If you meditate for one hour a day then your mind will come under control. Automatically the duration of meditation will increase and you will get samadhi. As you keep practicing meditation you will get a lot of happiness and bliss. The kind of happiness you get in meditation does not exist anywhere else on this earth. All the kinds of happiness that you experience outside are nothing compared to the happiness you get when you meditate." Shivabalayogi


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